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Our Events are Supported By Sponsers

Throughout the course of a marathon there are people that are standing along the course with waters, sports drinks or towels. Often times there is some sort of medical aide on call as well for all of the participants. These things come at a price.

Having sponsors at a marathon are very important and some people may not even be able to participate without having a sponsor. There is usually an entry fee for the participant to be in either the marathon or the half marathon. Some participants may want to compete but do not have the funds to cover the fees. A sponsor would then cover the fee for the participant and in exchange the participant may wear a t-shirt or hat with that sponsors logo.

Local businesses may even sponsor the marathon itself. The money that is given to the marathon goes towards operating costs. Most foundations that have marathons are non-profit organizations so they do not have a substantial amount of money to throw around for events.

Our Major Events


The PoleToPoleRun marathon offers both full and half marathons. Both marathons require an entry fee but the full marathon is a little more costly.


Throughout the weekend of the Marathon there are numerous events to keep all of the visiting participants and their families and guests on their toes.


The health and fitness expo that takes place on the Friday before the marathon is located in Atlanta. At this expo each participant will receive their goodie bag.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Warm up properly and make sure you stretch a lot.
  • Wear appropriate gear and keep it clean and in good order.
  • Keep more than one pair of shoes on the go at a time.
  • Keep a record of your training and diet.


  • Bolt out of the door and sprint down the road without warming up.
  • Wear old worn shoes or brand new shoes, this will cause injury.
  • Run only on roads; get on the grass whenever you can.
  • Eat too much fatty food or drink a lot of alcohol.
  • Train if you’re ill or injured, it will make things worse.