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PoleToPoleRun History

The PoleToPoleRun marathon although it has not been around for a prolonged amount of time has been around for only five years in 2016. The marathon has been one of the largest multi event marathons with over 19,000 participants in one marathon.


There is not only the marathon event but there is also a half marathon as well as a wheel chair race. This has become not only an event for the runners but also an event for the community. This race runs through the historic streets of different location. The residents of the community of times dress up and line the streets cheering for the runners, even if they do not know them.


The PoleToPoleRun marathon has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for various non profit agencies around the communities as well as nationally based communities. This really is an historic event that has no chance of slowing down at all in the future.

Marathon Weekend

This PoleToPoleRun marathon is a fun way for the whole community no matter what the age to get out and get a bit of exercise. Participants and their friends and families can take a look around while loose ends and late registrations get caught up for the big race.

Half Marathon

A marathon has a standardized distance of 26 miles and 385 yards. This distance became standardized in the year 1921. The marathon dates back to the ancient Greek times and is the namesake of the Battle of Marathon. A marathon and even a half marathon is a great form of exercise.

Fitness Expo

This expo is geared toward the health and fitness of each and every one of the people visiting the venue. Throughout the day at the expo there are various nutritionists helping the runners learn what they should and should not eat before the big run and even after the run. Personal trainers are available.

Marathon Training

Training for a marathon takes dedication. Depending on your fitness level there are two popular methods to training for a marathon. One of these is a 16 week training schedule. It is a method that allows you to build your body up to the capabilities of running a marathon.

Meet our Professionals

A marathon and even a half marathon are no joke. There is more than just the physical strain of running for such a prolonged amount of time.

A marathon takes mind, body and soul to overcome such a long and strenuous run. We have professionals to help you in all such cases.

Bryanna Luis

Massage Expert

A good sports massage once every couple of weeks during your preparation stages for the half marathon will also be very beneficial, but do make sure you check out the qualifications of the practitioner!


Garland Bruen

Runners Guide

Training on cement or tarmac is harder on the body than running on grass, sand or a treadmill. Please be careful not to do all of your running on these hard surfaces.


Felix Wilkinson

Cross Trainer

As a runner it is useful to cross train, which is to do a mixture of different activities not just running. This is especially important if you are new to sport as too much of one activity can cause repetitive strain injuries.


Marathon Community

Community support for any marathon is crucial for the event to run smoothly. Not only do the community members have to approve of the streets that are going to be shut down in order to let the marathon function but they must also be willing to open up their minds to all of the different causes that may hold a marathon.

A marathon is a way for people to get together to accomplish one common goal. That goal is essentially to finish the race but it is also to bring a community together. Community businesses, leaders and other must come together to put forth either monetary or time donations in order for the marathon to run smoothly.

There are even community outreach teams present during marathon season. These teams are responsible for different presentations and providing routes to area businesses and other community members. This is to keep the community well informed of what will happen on race day.